Sauls investing discussions

Sauls investing discussions

Sauls investing discussions?  I first heard of Saul Rosenthal through my  Motley Fool Stock Advisor subscription. Many people started asking whether this or that stock was “Saul stock,” and I thought, “Who’s this Saul guy?” And then I realized that Saul had his discussion board on the Motley Fool –  Sauls Investment Discussions . I quickly … Read more

7 Arizona investment club laws – All you need to know

Arizona investment club laws

Arizona investment club laws. Arizona law allows forming an investment group that invests in mutual funds. This group usually comprises family members and friends who want to invest together. They’re typically non-profit and provide mutual funds to members. There are specific rules and regulations to be adhered to to ensure that the investment club is … Read more

Which document represents the borrower’s promise to repay the loan (promissory note)

Which document represents the borrower's promise to repay the loan

Promissory notes are often used in business transactions as it is a legal agreements between the lender and the borrower where the borrower promises to pay back the funds with interest within a given period. If you’re looking to secure funding for your small business or home improvement project, and you’re trying to figure out … Read more

How to finance a vacation with bad credit

finance a vacation with bad credit

  It’s time to plan your dream vacation. You’ve been working hard, and you deserve it! There’s just one problem: you have bad credit and can’t qualify for most types of credit to finance the trip. Luckily, some creative solutions can help you finance a vacation with bad credit; one or two may even be … Read more

How to Finance a Travel Trailer


Whether you’re going to be spending your next vacation in the mountains or out at sea, chances are you’ll need somewhere to sleep that’s bigger than your tent or camper, especially if you’re taking the whole family along with you. A travel trailer can be just the solution you need, providing everything from extra sleeping … Read more